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Seeing such beauty, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the crystal handle, the light from which is dissipated around your future home!

As early as in the Middle Ages, Bohemian glass blowers started producing the most amazing crystal glass in the world. They managed to create crystal that was much more solid than Venetian glass of that time.

Being distinguished for variety of colors, Bohemian crystal glass has been considered to be most popular and beautiful in the world since then.

Magnificent cobalt blue, agitating ruby-red, glamorous sky blue – all these colors are radiated by Bohemian crystal glass. Many people came to love this crystal glass when they first saw amazing wine glasses, vases, chandeliers, elegant door handles and other products made of it. Thus, items made of Bohemian crystal glass have been decorating the richest and most famous houses of the world since then.

Having once seen such beauty, one cannot stay indifferent to a handle the light from which is dissipated throughout the house. You look at it and understand: It lives its own miraculous internal life, but this life is yours and of your house. Crystal glass accumulates sun light, shines itself with all rainbow dyes and gives this transformation miracle to your glance. But this is only the beginning.

Walk slowly around the crystal glass handle, and it will show the beautiful interior of your apartment in the reflection shine… Our company offers you LUXURY and PREMIUM class products supplied from the manufacturer for any interior.

We have no doubt that our crystal glass handles will become a worthful decoration of your house!

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Crystal glass of the LUXURY handles contains in its composition at least 30 % of lead oxides, which makes it possible to obtain excellent light deflection and dissipation.  Adding potassium and calcium salts increases its transparency. 

Crystal glass of the PREMIUM handles contains a considerable amount of barium oxide, potassium and calcium salts, which improves deflection of light and its transparency.

There are no defects in crystal glass; it is more transparent than water; crystal colored glass has uniform color throughout its depth.   

High quality of products is ensured not only due to carefully selected raw materials, but also due to production methods.  

Crystal glass is treated and polished similarly to brilliant faceting, but  the machines are larger.

Crystal glass of the LUXURY and PREMIUM handles has more specific gravity and solidity than ordinary glass.

They are not prone to wear and abrasion, thus scratches or chipping seldom appear on their surface. It is not as transparent as the brilliant, but it is much more solid than any varnished or polymer coating!

Laboratory tests for tear resistance of bonding between crystal glass and metal showed 450 kg. After staying in salt fog during 70 hours, the solidity decreased within the acceptable limits.

We recommend using locks and latches with a distance from the door edge to the handle’s central axis of at least 60 mm.

Our company can create your corporate style. You give us a sketch, picture, photo, your family emblem, or any image, which we will produce using laser technology that will lend particularity and uniqueness to the interior.

In our company, you may buy handles with ready-made images in such 3D versions as A6020CL/CP-O,B6020 CL/CP-O,B6020CL/SG-Oи 2D-6022 PN/SG-O, with a talisman or rune on the door handle to guard quiet sleep of the housemasters and their children, which could also avert a spell or protect against witching and any malady.

The warranty for crystal glass is 10 years, provided that it is used appropriately.

Luxury PbO 30%
Premium BaO 3%
Premium Hi-Tech BaO 3%
Glass PbO - 0% BaO - 0%

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Seeing such beauty, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the crystal handle, the light from which is dissipated around your future home! InterStroyFurnityra s.r.o Czech Republic Ke kapslovne 2 8 5 5 / 7, Zizkov,130 00 Praha 3 Tel:+420212245598 , Email:

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